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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Velence [¤]
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(Fejér County)

Plate shield statant, party per pale, azure and or, its base curved to a point. In the dexter field in the middle a double-peaked mound argent, above it a bird argent flying to the dexter; below a fish argent with its head to the dexter. In the sinister field or on a green leaved stalk a bunch of grape, vert. Above the shield the name of the settlement, VELENCE is borne.

The description of the municipality of Velence

Velence is a town in the northern corner of Lake Velencei. It was built on a hillslope along the lakeshore. The area was settled as early as the age of the Romans and the ancient military road leading from Acquincum to Savaria (Szombathely) went right through the village. Road signs from the period of the Romans were found by archeologists in the vicinity. Opinions differ as to the origin of the name of the village. While some local historians believe that Velence used to be an archaic term used by fishermen, others argue that it comes from the name of the Italian settlement Venice (in Hungarian it is called Velence), since the Italian architects working at the different building sites in nearby Székesfehérvár had come from Medieval Venice, Italy.

The most important attractions of Velence are the lake itself and the slopes of the Velencei hills which embrace the lake from the north. Velence itself is made up of the town, of the smooth surface of the water and the reedy islets in the lake, as well as the gardens, vineyards and wooded areas towering above the settlement.

The lake and its environs have extremely favourable natural conditions. On its beaches in July and August the temperature of the water is 22-26 Co. The temperature of air in July can go as high as 35-38 Co. Summers are hot and dry and the number of sunny hours is above the national average.

The area of Lake Velencei is 26 km2, its length is 10.54 km and its average depth is 2 metres. Due to its shallow water the lake warms up very quickly and since it also contains various dissolved minerals, it is especially suitable for bathers. Children as well as swimmers can find shallow- and deep-watered parts which are suitable for their own special needs. The fact that the lake is extremely rich in fish of excellent quality makes it an ideal place for professional anglers and fishermen. Those who wish to get acquianted with the deep-water life of the lake and those who want to catch fish there can rent boats at the piers of the northern port.

The town itself is situated in a northern bend by the lake. The number of permanent dwellers is 4.391, but this number has to be multiplied if property owners, holiday makers and visitors of the touristic season are also considered. Compared with other settlements of similar population number Velence occupies a much larger area, as it it attested by the length of roads within the settlement, which totals 103 kms.

Both the long-term and the short-term strategic plans for the development of the settlement are primarily aimed at improving the standard of local touristic services. The most basic condition of entertaining guests is the nice and cultured environment. The settlement can boast of high urban standard of entertaining guests, and, at the same time, the true values of rural life are also present. The largest part of the settlement's area can be reached on foot.

The beauty of the landscape speaks for itself: when looking toward the north from the southern part of the settlement one can see the spectacular view of the hills and peaks, while when looking around from the top of the Bence hill on the northern shore one can see the panorama of the entire Lake Velencei. There are extremely large green areas around, 70 % of which is exceptionally well kept. In addition to a public park of 35 hectares one can find 1000 m2 of flower beds.

Within the framework of the 5-year local movement 'For flowery Velence' the local residents have been taking meticulous care in keeping their own property in order as well as in planting more and more flowers in front of their own property. In 2000 in a competition for beautifying the environment Velence was given first prize in the category of rural settlements. In 2001 in the competition of 'Flowery Towns and Villages of Europe', in which the participating countries included Germmany, Austria, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium, Hungary was represented by Velence and for successfully realising its plans the settlement won a silver diploma, a commemorative plaque and a special prize.

On many weekends of the touristic season unique programmes offer visitors of the region wonderful opportunities for entertainment. The programme begins with a wine festival on May 25th, on St. Urban's day; an event, which goes back to more than one and a half decade of traditions. The festival is followed by a competition of drinking songs.

A traditionally recurring event on four Saturday nights at the end of July and at the beginning of August is the series of cultural events called 'Velence Summer Nights of Music'. Audiences are entertained by popular musicals and operettas which are performed on the stage of the castle park. The musical events are followed by the festivities of St Stephen's Day on August 20th which include a concert of wind instrument music, the cheerleaders' procession and a street ball. In September vintage entertainment closes the series of annual cultural programmes.