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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Újkígyós
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(Békés County)

This village hes between the rivers Körös and Maros, 18 kms away from the county town. The original settlemont. Kígyós, was completely destroyed during the Tartar Conquest.

After the reestablishment the first written document is from 1298. After defeating the Turkish, Count Antai Wenckheim established the present-day Újkígyós. He settled Roman Catholic tobacco planters to the area from Szeged and Csongrád in 1815.

In 1896 the Orosháza Békéscsaba railway reached Újkígyós as well. After World Was II farmers' co-operatives were farmed which was quite successful at that time.

After the change of the political system in 1993 it was reorganized, this way smaller farms began to work one by one but still cooperating. One of the main representatives of the cultural life of the village id the Arnold Ipolyi Peoples Academy which works as a cultural association and was formed in 1991.

The Catholic Church is the owner end maintainer os the St. Erzsébet Almshouse where 100 people are taken care of.

Sights: Catholic Church, Vine-dresser House. St. Erzsébet Almshouse, Recreation Park.