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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Tiszaújváros
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(The County of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén)

The blazon of the town is a round, silver-based symbol which is composed of several main parts. Main parts of the blazon are: sole of the blazon, picture of the blazon, the holder of the blazon, the crown which symbolizes the grade, watchword.

The sole of the blazon - The underside of the curbing there are four blue waves proliferated four silver streak symbolize the river Tisza. It is stands for vastness and importance of the river and symbolize the four river - Bodrog, Sajó, Kőrös, Maros - flows into the river Tisza. The background there is the "three piles" wich is the obvious emblem of Hungary since the age of Saint Stephen.

The picture of the blazon (this is the simple blazon) - This is a scutcheon dopped out four parts. In the middle of the red top there is a golden phoenix, symbolizes the proliferous new life, and the eternal renewal. The three lower, divided fields means the historical past of the town. On either side there is an arm in a blue field holding a sword from medieval seal of Tiszaszederkény indicates the valour, the bravery and the important role in war of heyducks. The blue colour means the river Tisza and the river Sajó. The underside in the middle of the scutcheon there is a two-pronged golden leaf in a red field flaring out a tree-trunk. This is the emblem of Zsuzsanna Lorántffy, and it is represents the attachment to the Lorántffy-family.

The holder of the blazon - There are two golden two-tailed lions holding the picture of the blazon. They are the elected primordial symbol of Borsod county. These lions with staring daws willing to die to defend the county and the new town and at the same time they raise the new Hungarian town from the middle of the "three piles".

Crown which symbolizes the grade - This is a simple patrician crown with ten gems - five red and five blue ones - stands for the town, city priviledge and the urbanization as a donation.

Watchword - At the top of the blazon above the crown there is a scroll on a blue ribbon, contains the name of the town.

The birth and past of town

At the place where river Sajó flows into river Tisza our forbears in the 13 th century thought this place is suitable for settling. A certificate mentioning Tiszaszederkény village in 1268 proves it. The ancient settlement was beaten by the weather and history, and unstocked under the Turkish thralldom. In 1651 it was Zsuzsanna Lorántffy who settled 32 heyduck families and denizen the village. Its figuration appears in the blazon of the town, on which the arm holding a sword indicates the heroism of heyducks and the vine-leaf was the emblem of Zsuzsanna Lorántffy.


There is no hospital in Tiszaújváros, but the town provides a wide range of medical attendance that is applicable for the people of the surrounding settlements. In the past decades a wide network of pedagogical-educational institutions was built in the town.

There is Tiszaújváros Human Service Centre and the Day-care Center consisting 5 member institutions. Musical and artistic education, languages, information technology, sport and environmental protection education is in the General and Aristic School, Pedagogical Staff.

100 % of the town is supplied with infrastructure. The town provides significant financial means on the fulfillment of the continuously growing demand for home and accommodation. A modern town center, Sports Court - Sports Center of European standard and a Thermal Complex were built in Tiszaújváros.

The building of the town

The town came to being after 2nd World War as a result of the socialist industry-settling program, which started in 1952 with Tisza Power Plant. The electrical industry made it possible to settle chemical industry, so Tiszai Vegyi Kombinát started up. After that oil industry has settled. Parallel to the building of factories new housing estates were built.

The quickly developing settlement was declared to be a town in 1966. At the lasted period of town development the name of the town changed to Tiszaújváros.

Geographical locality

The rgion of Tiszaújváros by the features of the ground is flatland and embanked hollow. the second biggest and the nicest river of Hungary is the river Tisza - the "blonde" attribute of which is from the thing that the loess mud of the banks colours the water yellow. The facilities of the flatland regoin interstratified by the river Tisza and the river Sajó provides an opportunity for fishermen and persons loving water sports to enjoy themselves. Everyone wishing special experiences can make a wonder of the "Blossoming of the Tisza" which exists year to year.

The outer part of the town is the Tisza-island through which a bridge connects Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Hajdú-Bihar counties.

Tiszaújváros has adventageous geographical location as playing connecting role between three big cities, Miskolc, Debrecen and Nyíregyháza.

Industrial Park

The basis of the dynamic growth ofthe town is the development of the economy, which is provided by TVK Rt; AES Tisza Power Plant Ltd. and MOL Rt. The Industrial Park of 150 hectartes area is located 4 kms far from the planned M3 motorway. The Industrial Park is based on a multi-central, municipal infrastructure, and will become a scientific-innovational and export orientated industrial park.

Its aim is to facilitate the settlement of industrial and trading companies by creating advantageous condition for example full infrastructure (which includes advantageous road, rail and water-way transport), investment system, and tax-holidays.

Sport Complex

The sport-life of Tiszaújváros has excellent traditions. The athletes of Tiszaújváros reached significant results in domestic and international competitions.

The most restfult teams are the kayak-canoe, weight lifting, triathlon and figure-skating, but football and basketbal is also favourable.

On the basis of the development of sports and sport organisations Tiszaújváros achieved National Sports Town title in 1995.

A Sport Complex of the town was opened in 1998. Besides competitions the Complex serves the recreation of students and provides place for various events.

Recreational Centres

One of the leading thermal-baths of Hungary is in Tiszaújváros. Its thermel water flushes from 1200 meters deep. The area of the complex is 6 hectares. Open-air wave-bath, pools for children, a 50 meters swimming pool and 3 water-chutes (hump, suicide and anaconda) are waiting for the guests. There are four thermal-bath with 28, 32, 36 and 40 °C water in them. This kind of thermal water is advantageous for joint and motion part pains being high concentrate of mineral salts.

Hotel Termál: two-starred hotel on the area of the Thermal Bath and next to the Sport Complex. It has rooms and apartments whit two or four beds. All rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV and refrigerator. All the guests are free to use the services of the Thermal Bath.

Trips, eyemarks

Almost any kind of sports can be go in for on the river Tisza, the most popular of these are kayak-canoeing, motor-boating, water-skiing, jet-ski, fishing. From the point of hunting-tourism the stock of game of the river-flats is essential. The Tisza Repülő Klub that has sky-driver, glider and modelling branches occasionally usess a sports-airport covered with grass in Újtikos. The regions of some important areas of tourism are located near the town. For example Hortobágy National Park, Tisza Lake, Bükkalja, the "Matyó" region of Mezőkövesd.


The centers of the local cultural life are the Derkovits Cultural Centre and Libary and Vásárhelyi Pál Cultural Cenre, and the Town Libary that has. Derkovits Cultural Cenre and Libary has a theatre hall for 500 people and has over 100 thousand documents. Artistic teams indicate the eventful cultural life of the town: Pántlika Folk Dance Group, Majorette Group, aerophone and zither band, and the Club '96 acting group formed by local youngsters. The successful Tiszaújváros Spring Festival and International Art Creative Encampment are organized annually.

On the tradicional International Festival of Folk Dances foreign and domestic folk dance groups perform an imposing demonstration. The Local Tradicional Repository serves the preservation of local traditions. The Town Exhibition continuosly opened with art-exhibitions. On the squares and parks of the town there are statues of famous artists.


The compay of the Local Authority operates two holiday homes in Bogács. Its biggest advantage is in the 70 °C thermal water that is rich in mineral salts. A resort centre was built next to the thermal hot spring with its special yurt sharped buildings each of them containing six four bedded rooms and a single room. The apartments and yurt sharped buildings can provide accomodation for 150 people at the same time. Its services are: restaurant, swimming pool, sports ground, closed parking place and play-ground for children.

The holiday home called Villa Sederkyn can be found in the centre of the village in the very attractive building near the thermal bath. Vill Sederkyn waits for its guests in two-storied, air-conditioned building with 12 four-bedded rooms equipped with American kitcen for self-supporting, telephone, refrigeator, colour television and bathroom. The holiday home has got two thermal pools (one of which can be covered and its temperature is adjustable), more over bowling field, sauna, billiard-table tennis, bicycle lending and party-grills serve the guests' relaxation and rest.

Tourism on the water

For those who like fishing, water tourism, Tiszaújváros, and its region is ideal. In summer the natural river serves the anglers fishing on the banks and from boats. A unique possibility in winter is fishing on the warm watered fork of River Tisza.

Near the Hotel Tiszavirág and the boat-house of Tiszaújváros Vízi SE the travellers can pitch among favourable boaring conditions and natural surroundings.


The towwn offers high-standard programs for its inhabitans and guests.

Attractive events of the town:

- Tisza Expo International Exhibition and Fair: is one of the most successful fair of the region. Really advantageous event for the exhibitiors and viewers for meetings and coupling.

- National Fish-soup Cooking Competition: Sziget Csárda gives place for the competition in August.

- International Festival of Folk Dances: the Derkovits Cultural Centre and Libary gives place for this event on 19th of August.

- Tiszaújváros Spring Festival: has become a successful event.

- Tisza Cup International Hot-Air Balloon Competition: you can experience the feeling of ballooning flying above the weekdays, and making a wonder of ballooning.

- Triathlon World Cup: Tiszaújváros is known to be the town of triathlon. From 1997 the town is scene of world cups.

- Table-tennis World Festival: Tis Competition belongs to international standard competitions.


1. Fountain with the statue of St Stephen

2. March 15th Park

3. City Park

4. Tree of Life

5. Holy Trinity Statue

6. City Pond

7. Churches

8. Thermal bath

9. Thermal bath, 'Pool of Adventures'

10. Sports Centre, Sports Life