National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Tab [** ¤]
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(The County of Somogy)

Tab is an ancient settlement; its church consecrated to honour the apostle St Peter was already mentioned in early 14th-century documents. During the centuries it was owned by more than twenty-five possessors.

The coat-of-arms of Tab is marshalled. In the fess point of the chief shield an inescutcheon with base curved to a point. In its field sable a crowned lion rampant or, armed, raising with his dexter paw a scimitar or above his head. Chief shield gyronny with ribbons or, and charged with regard to heraldic conventions as follows:

In field azure (first) a partly-covered swan displayed argent, holding in its beak gules a six-pointed star or. In field azure (second), issuing from the sinister an arm vambraced argent, the hand proper holding a laurel branch adorned with leaves or. In field azure (third) a demi-hart saliant or, neck transfixed by an arrow or shooting from the dexter. In field gules (fourth), hanging on a leaved vine plant vert bent to the dexter and sinister a bunch of grapes respectively, both or. In field azure (fifth) over a human-faced crescent, on a six-pointed star or, both partly covered, a pelican argent statant contourné, abaissé, plucking its crop with its beak gules. In field azure (sixth) a bastion masoned argent, crenellé, the gate tinctured sable. In field or (seventh) a partly-covered double-headed eagle sable, borne displayed and affronté, ensigned with crowns or. In field azure (eighth) on water wavy argent a mallard or, half-displayed, crowned or, flottant from sinister to dexter towards a sedge panicled or and leaved vert.

Chief shield crowned by a five-pointed mural crown or, crenellé, lined sable. Supporters: to the dexter and sinister two lions reaching up to the height of the chief, rampant and counter-rampant, armed, their eyes transfixed by an arrow each pointed away from the shield, all or.

The coat-of-arms of the town of Tab may be called canting arm, insofar as the motifs evoke the memory of the settlement's one-time owners in the following order:

The scimitar-holding lion in the inescutcheon, the white bastion, the vine plant with the golden grapes, the double-headed black eagle with outstretched wings in the golden field, as well as the armoured arm raising the laurel branch in the chief shield all come from the coat-of-arms of the Hadik family. The white swan holding the star is from the coat-of-arms of the Rozgonyi family, the pelican plucking its crop on the crescent is from that of the Méreys, the leaping deer with the arrow shooting through its neck comes from that of the Fajszi-Ányos family, while the crowned golden mallard originates from the coat-of-arms of the Nádasdys.

The mural crown is a reminder of the settlement's status as a town.