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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Sándorfalva [*** ¤]
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(The County of Csongrád)

This settlement does not go back to a long historical past, although the region has never been uninhabited, because the local waterworld has always been favoured by marsh-dwellers and fishermen.

The coat-of-arms of Sándorfalva:

Renaissance shield coupé en pointe, the base curved to a point, checky of azure and or. The fields azure are emblazoned: in dexter chief on a clump vert a curlew proper passant contourné; in the sinister chief a coulter edged to the dexter and a ploughshare sable pointed in pale and edged to the sinister; at fess point a margrave's nine-pointed pearly coronet or; in the dexter base a zither at a slant and bulging to the sinister; in the sinister base in water wavy vert two fish naiant to the dexter and to the sinister respectively, both or. Across the top a helmet with a closed visor, all proper.

Mantling: azure and or.

The coat-of-arms of Sándorfalva is one of the canting arms. The checky shield comes from the coat-of-arms of the Pallavicini family and recalls the event when after the great flood of Szeged Margrave Sándor Pallavicini bestowed lands in this corner of his own possessions on those poverty-stricken people who, although they had previously been deprived of their fields by the disastrous flood, were determined to work. This event is also symbolised by the margrave's coronet borne at the fess point of the shield. The curlew and the golden fish signify the wealth of nature in this land, while the ploughshare and the coulter (also borne on a seal from 1903) evoke the diligence and perseverence of local inhabitants, which helped them to make this land fertile. The zither, since it is a folk instrument, symbolises the optimism and the cultural heritage of the locals, as well as the widely known zither band of Sándorfalva.


01. Mansion.

02. A well-preserved traditional rural home. 1 Aradi Street.

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09. Map.

10. A CD cover: Sándor Budai Zither Band