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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Mórahalom
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(The County of Csongrád)

The shield of Mórahalom is stylised, its green colour symbolises the agriculture, and the bunch of grapes in the middle shows the most typical fruit. The goldfield waving at the bottom means the hill ("halom") that is the base of the name of the town.

This typical settlement of the Great Plain is situated 20 kms from Szeged. It was first mentioned in 1729 as the accommodation of the ancient Móra family of Szeged. On the other hand the life in the surroundings before the Hungarian conquest was proved by a Cumanian grave.

In 1982 an administrative and cultural centre was established here by Szeged which literally grew out from the middle of a "puszta" (grassland). Those days it was called Alsóközpont (Lower Centre), which refers to the settlement structure with many detached farms. The first common buildings (church, cemetery, grocery store) were built that time.

Mórahalom became independent of the big neighbouring city as late as 1950. It had to work its special way through history. and first raised to the rank of a township (1950), then of a village (1970).

It achieved the status of a town in 1989. It is a dynamic settlement in the vanguard of agricultural production.

Two nature reserves can be found outside Mórahalom, the Csipak fens and the Tanaszi meadows where rare plants flower on the tussocks, and you can also discover the nests of some scarce birds. An excursion around Mórahalom can be completed with a trip to the Ásotthalom memorial forest, and be broken for a while by a rest under the tree of Rúzsa Sándor, the famous outlaw. The determining value of Mórahalom is the thermal bath with its 39,5 degree water which contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonate and iodine. This water is especially recommended for those suffering from disorders of the bowels or stomach. Being used for a bathing treatment it cures the pains in the joints and the backbone just as the rheumatic and gynaecological sicknesses.

There are a number of entertainment places (e.g. the Bounty Club), and some quality programs which attract not only the locals but also visitors from the southern part of the county and Szeged as well. Anyone can participate in the local occasions, such as the street party on the 1st of May, the programme of the youth on the 14th of June ("The square is ours!"), the traditional harvest festival on the 5th of July, the grape harvest festival and the Day of the Town following each other on the 26-27th of September, the meeting of the choirs of the area on the 22nd of November, the traditional pig-killing day on the 6th of December, and the common Christmas celebrating on the 19th of December.

When looking for accommodation, one can find the Turul Boarding House which has a real village atmosphere but is equipped with all facilities of comfort. The large earthenware stove of old peasant houses can be found just like the modern sauna. One can horse-ride, joy-ride here or even may ride donkeys. The Nyírfa Inn is open to guests in Summers offering its two-, three-, and four-bedded rooms.

As far as the economic life is concerned, the agriculture has been the core sector so far. Due to experience, intensive cultivation and local climate they grow some typically tasted sorts of vegetables and fruits being in demand not only in Hungary, but in foreign countries as well. The town achieved the title of "Industrial Park" in 1997, which enabled it to promote the settling of industrial capacity. Mórahalom Industrial Park is located outside the town on a 12 ha territory, and is provided with all the public utilities needed by industrial production (water, sewer, electricity, gas, roads, telephone). The companies willing to move here are supported with low site prices, well qualified workforce, services, and tax holiday of several years' standing. The Park has been established for settling favourable infrastructural basis which provide the most optimum conditions for the enterprises and investors based on the scientific culture and human resources of the Szeged-centred region. All the settlers are welcome who believe that the Industrial Park lying near the borders and the logistic centre of Szeged means the right occasion to realise his investment and contributes to his prosperity.