National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Kisharsány [¤]
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(The County of Baranya)

The name of the village, the character of the land and the historical traditions of the country were forming the basis devising the shield.

Even the name of the village suggests the birth of the name-shield depicting the linden. The name-shield represents exactly the name of the village, which kind of shield is regarded as special one by the heraldry.

We can find a lion on the shield, which lion has great importance. It recalls the untimely history of the village when it was the estate of the genuine family Kan. The lion was also depicted in their shield which refers here to the former families who had estimates at Kisharsány. These families' presence had great importance in the life of the village with great topicality. Beside the eagle it is the most favorable animal in the shields, representing the courage, the moral strength, and the justice which features were reigning and powerful symbols back to the ancient times. Because of its legendary bravery and power it appears as the keeper of the nether world int he Greek and Egyptian mythology. It also appears as a keeper who holds the shield of Kisharsány. It refers to the residents who save the values and traditions of their own village. Holding means also the control of the cases of the village and symbolizes the self-determination and self-government. Beyond these facts the lion - as a battle animal - refers to the Kisharsány residents who sacrificed their leves and blood to save the home land.

The other shield-holder opposite the lion is the griffin. This creature - made by fantasy -l is the mixture of the two most popular shield animals, eagle and lion. Upwards the waist it is a lion, downwards it is an eagle. The griffin embodied the bright mind and the prophetical ability back to the ancient times.

The Hungarian folk-belief regards the griffin as a treasure-keeper, wise bird. Being the mixture of the largest earthly and heavenly animal, it symbolizes the union of the earthly power and the heavenly energy, the strength and wisdom, the human and divine nature. The griffin also played role in the Church art: being both earthly and heavenly animal, it became the symbol of Christ, justifying the heavenly origin and earthly existence of him.

The grape-vine symbolizes the belonging of the village to the Siklós-Villány wine-growing region and the value of the distinguished wine produced here. Grapes have another importtant meaning, as the symbol of Christ. One time Christ specified himself as a grape-vine: "I am the vine-stock and you are the vine-shoot. Who stays in me and I stay in him will bring good harvest." (quotation from the Gospel according to St. John)

We must say some words about the three motifs whose appearing is very frequent on the shields. They originate from the number-mystery. Three is the most important sacred number. Human being was born from the union of Heaven and Earth fulfilling the divine manifestation. Three is the symbol of the divine order, totality, perfection and the unit of God-Human-Universe. Three also refers to the mountains lying near Kisharsány.

The colors: association of red and silver refers to the fact that the village originates from the Árpád times. Together with the green, they recall our national colors.

Gold: intelligence, mind, faith, prestige, superiority, virtue, eternity

Silver: wisdom, victory, purity, pleasure, perfection

Red: patriotism, self-denial, action, generosity

Green: freedom, love, hope, happiness, beauty, health.

The shield of Kisharsány was created by considering the thoughts mentioned above.