National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat-Of-Arms of the Town of Jászapáti
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(Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County)

The coat of arms of the town of Jászapáti is in an oval, golden shield. The shield is encircled with flowered runner, interwoven with the two golden liens that hold the shield. At the top of it there is the royal crown taken over from the Jazygian-Cumanian Threefold District.

The shield is divided in to three no-arched parts. In the middle golden part a hussar can be seen with a sword in his right hand as hitmetif that stands for the Jazygians’ hard, warlike lifestyle. The colour of the hussar’s clothing is the same with the Jazygian hussar’s traditional clothes (red and blue). In the blue field on the right the golden blunch of grapes symbols the agriculture of the settlement, as well as the another blue field on the left the golden Lehel horn represents the Jazygians’ unity and connection.