National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The arms of village Jágónak
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(Tolna County)

Description of the village’s arms

- There is a curving, blue tent in the green field of the triangular shield.

- There is the silvered figure of King Saint Stephen in the blue field of the escutcheon, with a robe on his shoulders. The robe is fastened with a medal on his chest. His head with the Holy Crown is surrounded by a golden halo. He is holding a golden sceptre in his right and a golden orb in his left.

- There is a floating hatchet taking a left traversal direction in the upper right green field of the escutcheon.

- There is a floating wheatear taking a right traversal direction in the upper left field of the escutcheon.

- The shield is fenced by two oak branches, both with seven acorns. Their stems are crossing under the shield.

- Under the shield is a floating ribbon, sectioned into three. On the ribbon is an inscription; the text with black capital letters is Jágónak. There are two spots before and behind the inscription.

Jágónak – local history:

The village was established in the 10th century as part of the Werbőczy domain; first mentioned in a written document in 1475. Under the years of Osmanli Turk occupation the village became bare of inhabitants, the Esterházy family filled it with people and revived the village again. The population is nowadays decisively Hungarian but more and more in WW2 deportees move back from Germany. Most of the population is catholic. Over 60% of the residents are retired.

The local government tries to meet residents’ demands. The village is well equipped with public utilities; there is a school and a kindergarten; the notarial district operated together with village Kaposszekcső has its hours of office locally. The Senior Club is visited by pensioners gladly. A well-equipped consulting room awaits the patients. The parish hall was built due to social collaboration, it is a place for different social events like Christmas Feast, play hall, pensioners’ meeting, dances, wedding celebrations etc. The wooden headboard at the meeting-point of Tolna, Baranya and Somogy county is a popular place of excursion.

The institutions were renovated and modernized in the past 3 years. Because of the configurations of terrain rainfalls caused huge problems so the ditches were built up and cleaned in 2001 and 2002. Street-lighting were modernized last year. Public places are well-arranged, full with flowers and there is a playground and a sport field too.

Future plans are constructing a youth club and renovation of the mortuary. The 2,3km road between Jágónak and Kercseliget will be completed in 2004. This allows a better contact to Somogy county, new opportunities can present themselves for residents to find jobs and lower the 15% unemployed rate.