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The Coat-of-Arms of the Town of Fertőd [¤]
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(The County of Győr-Moson-Sopron)

Fertőd is situated in the area of Fertő-Hanság, in the western part of the county of Győr--Moson-Sopron, on the road between Győr and Sopron.

Today's Fertőd came into existence with the amalgamation of Eszterháza and Süttör in 1950, when the administrative units were reorganised in Hungary.

For the creation of the town's coat-of-arms in 1995, the history, symbols, and coats-of-arms of the former two settlements were taken into consideration.

This is why a motif of the coat-of-arms of the Esterházy family, the crowned griffin or standant on the crown, holding in its sinister hand three roses argent and in its dexter hand a sword, is charged on the new shield, for in people's minds the name of the former Eszterháza is associated with the princely Esterházy family.

The ploughshare over the coulter argent and the letters 'S' argent, borne on the two sides with the meaning of Sigilvm Svter, are images of Süttör Sehter's seal from 1313.

The bend wavy argent in fess can be identified with the Ikva brook or, in a broader sense, it symbolises all the waters running through the region of Hanság.