National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Edde
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(The County of Somogy)

The shield of Edde was decreed in 1911.

The edge of the shield is black, the background is green. There are yellow coloured agricultural implements on it, such as

- a rake on its backside vertically, with head up,

- a scythe horisontally, down with its point,

- a flail/thresher on the left to the direction of ten o'clock,

- on the right there is a hayfork with its head upside to the direction of two o'clock.

These symbols are expressing, that the inhabitants of this village have lived on fields.

Edde lies 25 kms north from Kaposvár, beside the road connecting Kaposvár and Fonyód, at the end of a 3 kms long dead-end road. A part of the village is covered by forrest with a lot of deers, wild-hogs and roes in it, and special flora.

The name of the village was mentioned on the apostolic tax-list in 1332-37. According to the tax register in 1936, the territory was owned by the Pannon Abbacy, and to eleven landowners. The mentioned names in this paper were Felső-, Kis- and Ráczedde.