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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Derekegyház [¤]
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(Csongrád County)

The heraldic description of Derekegyház's coat-of-arms is as follows:

Oval shield erect and at base party per fess with a wavy bend argent. Above the bend in field vert the initials WM are borne encouped. Shield is topped by a nine-pointed nobiliary crown or, adorned with pearls argent. Mantling: azure and or on the dexter kand argent and gules on the sinister side.

It was the family of the Counts Károlyi which played a decisive role in the history of Derekegyház.

In 1722 Sándor Károlyi purchased the area which had got depopulated in the period of the Turkish occupation of Hungary and he began to have it resettled. In the 1760s Antal Károlyi made the village the centre of his estate and he had the most significant building of the future settlement, the Baroque building of the Károlyi mansion built. Alajos Károlyi also contributed to the official establishment of the village of Derekegyház, which eventually took place in 1874.

When designing the settlement's coat-of-arms the historically close link between the village itself and the members of the Károlyi family was considered. This link is evident in the shape, the tinctures and the decorative charges of the settlement's coat-of-arms. The basis for Derekegyház's nes emblem was the coat-of-arms of the Károlyi family, which was created in 1712 by marshalling several families' coats-of-arms, as well as the seal of the settlement, the history of which goes back to 1874.

In the contemporary seal print of Derekegyház in an oval shield the charge of a single-headed eagle is borne, its wings are spread. Shield is topped by a nine-pointed nobiliary crown, which is adorned with pearls. The crown as well as the charge of the eagle were taken over from the marshalled coat-of-arms of the Károlyi family, thus the present-day inhabitants of the village emphasise their indebtedness to the members of the Károlyi family. (The same idea is expressed in the coat-of-arms of another nearby village, Nagymágocs, the only difference is that in the seal of that settlement another charge of the Károlyi family's soat-of-arms, the charge of a prancing deer was reused.)

In order to keep the tradition the oval shape of the coat-of-arms of the Károlyi family was kept when designing Derekegyház's coat-of-arms. The single-headed eagle with its wings abaisé was also reused as charge as well as the motif of the nobiliary crown placed at the top of the shield. Regarding the fact that the inhabitants of Derekegyház have always cherished the memory of the charitable local manufacturer Manfréd Weiss, an owner of the Károlyi estate in a later period, his initials also appear in the base of the shield. The same initials were used by him on bricks, made in his own brick factory.

When selecting the tinctures local traditions as well as the general rules of heraldry were followed. In the coat-of-arms of the Károlyi family the eagle appearing in a silver field was black. This is why the shield is argent (silver) and the eagle is borne sable (black). Mantling: or and azure on the dexter and argent and gules on the sinister side. Base vert, a tincture, which emphasises the agricultural characteristics of the settlement. The crown on the top of the shield is golden(or), the pearls are all silver (argent).


01. Zsolt Sárai's guest house.

02. An old bell case at Ördöngős

03. Károlyi mansion, a nursing home.

04. Village Hall

05. A chapel.

06. Károlyi mansion, a nursing home.

07. Kórógy Brook.