National and historical symbols of Hungary

In this section you can find the crests of almost 2400 settlements of Hungary with notes. Find the starting letter of the settlement in the list and click if you want to see it.

The Coat of Arms of the Village of Békéssámson [¤]
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(Békés County)

The settlement’s coat of arms unites the charges and the symbols of the coats of arms of four ancient nobiliary families, namely the Hunyadi, the Jaksity of Nagylak, the Szilágyi and the Károlyi families.

Shield azure, borne at a slant toward the sinister, its base, gules, is curved to a point.

In base tongues of flame gules, motives, which go back to the coat of arms of the Szilágyi family. This charge evokes the fact that in 1552 the Turks burnt the village down.

The shape of the coat of arms was taken over from the emblems of the Hunyadi and Szilágyi families.

In dexter chief a human-faced sun rayonnant and or. This charge is a reference to the name of the settlement, since the meaning of the name Samson is ’the smiling Sun, the son of the Sun’ according to the Bible.

In sinister chief a patriarchal cross argent. This charge refers to the religious affiliation of the settlement’s inhabitants.

In the fess a lion rampant and regardant or, depicted as if the beast were fleeing from the fire and looking back into the past. This positioning of the lion symbolises the continuity of the settlement’s history. In its paw the beast is holding an ear of corn or and a tobacco leaf or. The use of the two agricultural crops as charges symbolises the inhabitants’ main source of living.

The charges of the chief were inspired by the motives of the ancient coat of arms of the Hunyadi family and this is how the creators of Békéssámson’s coat of arms paid homage to the ancestors. Shield is adorned with a helm argent, on the top of which a crown or. Crown is crested by a raven; the bird is holding a ring or in its beak. In front of the bird the moon decrescent argent and King David’s star or.

Mantling was taken over from the coat of arms of the Jaksity family. On the dexter side azure and or, on the sinister gules and or.

Below the shield a ribbon is borne encouped and argent. The wavy ribbon is a reference to the stream, which runs through the settlement. In the ribbon the settlement’s name is inscribed in letters sable.