National and historical symbols of Hungary

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The Coat-of-Arms of the Village of Aka
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(The County of Komárom-Esztergom)

Triangular shield erect, in field gules a bended tent azure. In field azure on a triple mound vert an eye of God in a triangle or adorned with rays, emerging from an open coronet or adorned with seven pearls. In dexter chief field three leaves of oak or are borne encouped. In sinister chief field three leaves of lime tree or are borne encouped. Under the shield a tierced bend or is borne encouped, on it the name of the village, AKA is read in letters sable, in front of, and after the name there are two dots respectively.

Aka is situated in the south western part of the county, at the border of Fejér County. The village can be reached through Bakonysárkány on the road number 81. There is no railway station in the village. The land of the village was first mentioned in a charter in 1358. After the Ottoman rule, the depopulated village was populated by Roman Catholic Slovaks and Germans. After the Second World War with the compulsory resettlement of the Germans, the population of the village decreased significantly. Today, it has the smallest number of inhabitants. The church of the village was built in 1790. There is important village tourism in the village due to untouched nature.